Curse of the demon slave's favor

An evil revealed.

After a fruitless search for the Paladin, and finding instead a temple of Bahamut in ashes, the party decided to return to Silmar and take their chances against whatever was happening on their own. Along the way, they did encounter a Shaman that readily joined them. The town was deserted upon their return, but after a bit of sneaking by the rouges a few bodies were discovered and the Drow, Innith was found in a giblet next to the fountain in the town square. The fountain was spewing forth magical fire. Moving in slowly, Agrath stepped out into the square with a number of soldiers, challenging the party to surrender themselves. As they moved in to attack her, townspeople started pouring out of the buildings, obviously under her control, and attacked the party.

They tried not to harm the townspeople at first, but it became quickly evident that no quarter was being given by them and eventually no quarter could be given. After a short amount of time, Agrath began throwing townspeople into the flames and great flaming fissures opened up beneath the town. Buildings burned, townspeople died, the battle was fully joined. Agrath was revealed to be a succubus, but before her sacrificial ritual was finished Rowain destroyed her with a flaming cone of power from his spinning sword.

With the town in flames, they helped Innith down and he pointed them to a dug out hole under his shop that was revealed when it burned to the ground. Diving in, they slid deep into the Earth, falling down a slanted tunnel for well over ten minutes. When they were spit out to a stop at the end, they all somehow managed to avoid anything more than a few bumps and bruises. Rowain channeled his elemental power into his sword as a makeshift torch and they saw that they had arrived in a large cavern with two ways out, the hole they just fell through and another tunnel. Not wanting to risk anything further, they settled in to make a rough camp and rest, unsure of what new dangers await down in the deep dark.



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