Curse of the demon slave's favor

There's something happening here...

About twenty or thirty minutes after the defeating the Goblins and still rummaging through the lair for anything of use, Umlot suddenly came to the realization that Corrin was missing. Announcing this, a quick search of the lair was undertaken by the party to no avail. Taking a moment to examine the area, both Umlot and Roawin gained a sense of lingering mystical energies. Odoeta tried to directly tap the remaining power to determine its source. He suddenly snapped into a trance and tried to leave, but quickly regained his sense of self when Umlot grabbed him and shook him. Odoeta did have a vague sense of needing to return to Silmar, but nothing else remained in his mind from the time in his trance. After some time examining all the piles of fleeing Goblin tracks outside the lair, a slight set of footprints that were halfling size…moving directly towards Silmar.

Two days of exhausted travel latter, the party arrives back in Silmar to find the town building up their military defenses. The crude palisade wall was being rebuilt into a proper high stone wall, and groups of townspeople were training with the few guards that have been properly trained as soldiers. The whole town seemed to be out and helping with the effort, and the progress was quite impressive from the last four or five days since the party had seen the town.

Odoeta led Roawin to the alchemist shop with the hope that Innith might have some way to help send a trinket Roawin had taken from the Goblin lair and a letter back home. After a slight bit of conversation, Innith found he did indeed have a sending ritual he could use to send the package, and confessed that he was uncomfortable with the recent changes in the town. Umlot went to speak to Collith to let the elder know what they found and that the missing townspeople were, in fact, dead. To his surprise, Collith already knew. Mostly speaking through Agrath, as Collith was barely able to remain in his seat due to his age and illness, Collith told Umlot that Corrin had returned earlier that day with the news before moving on North to find his friend Theren at the nearby temple of Bahamut.

Feeling that, while Corrin’s behavior was strange, he was mostly likely safe with Theren, the party chose to remain in Silmar for a time. Umlot and Roawin spent the day assisting with the training of the local guards, and noticed the intense focus and dedication of all the volunteers. Sereya and Odoeta also noticed the incredible focus of everyone working on the walls and around the town. By the end of the day, the group had come to believe that something very strange was happening to the people of Silmar, and the only person who obviously seemed not to be affected is the Drow Apothecary Innith. Innith was reluctant to further speak, but after getting well drunk going mug for mug with Roawin, he brought the party back to his shop where he told them many tails of his days adventuring with Collith and how the recent actions of Collith seem not only out of character, but almost the result of madness.

With this in mind, the party moved back to the tavern to test a few theories. Roawin attempted to scan the people there through his arcane senses and was momentarily blinded by a stabbing pain in his mind. Odoeta tried to directly sense power within the woman Agrath, whom seemed to be nominally in charge of the town as the voice of Collith, and was instantly given over to a desire to leave the town. Seraya, tired of all this arcane crap, boldly strode into the tavern, walked up to Agrath and tried to slap her across the face. Agrath caught her by the wrist and told her that she and her friends should leave before shoving her away. Seraya, enraged, found that her body would not respond to her desire to continue attacking Agrath. She stormed out of the tavern, cuffing a random man across the back of the head on the way out, just to make sure she could.

Outside in the town square, the party realized that not only was something happening, but that they might be a bit in over their heads. All of them agreed that moving on and trying to find both Corrin and Theren was probably the wisest course of action, but before leaving they wanted to try to speak to Collith himself without Agrath around. Heading to his house, Umlot, Sereya and Roawin quickly subdued the pair of guards outside and tied them up inside and out of view. Collith, when they found him in his bed, was not at all well. Umlot used his rune of mending in an attempt to heal some of the ravages time and illness, but instead seemed to restore a clarity of thought to him. Before slipping back into unconsciousness, Collith whispered to Umlot…

“You must leave… quickly… before she returns… Leave… Find the Paladin…”



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