Curse of the demon slave's favor

Time to split the party.

After much more exploring the party finally reached the top of the citadel, and found a ritual of some sort in progress. A massive mechanical creature moved to attack them at the behest of what appeared to be a long lost sibling of Roawin’s. The battle was pitched and fierce but the creature was quickly isolated from the smaller creatures attacking with it. The entire city seemed to be ripping itself appart from the ritual she was performing. Eventually, when her minions were out of the picture, she dove into the shifting and unstable portal, screaming about the impending release of the “chained God”. Rusty arrived in the airship to help the party escape, but Roawin insisted on following his wayard sibling. Reluctantly, the rest of the party agreed and jumped on the ship, ordering Rusty to follow her.

Passing into the portal, everyone suddenly felt as though they were being ripped appart. Blinded by pain, they all lost sight of each other and in a flash they became seperated. Odoeta, Roawin and Corin appeared in some sort of pocket realm in the Astrial sea. They seemed to have been pulled there by the remnants of a long faded Goddess to help stop a group of interlopers from draining the final vestiges of her power. When they had finished, she sent them back through another portal, but again they found themselves tumbling through a break in reality out of control.

Odoeta and Corin felt the hard impact of packed sand agains their faces as they crashed to the ground. They found themselves alone in a bleak wasteland of cracked ground and distant mountains. The pair moved towards an odd lump in the sand, finding the crashed remains of their airship. Inside, they took shelter and looked for supplies but were quickly attacked by some strange creatures. Things took a turn for the worst quickly when Odoeta’s magic began causing all sorts of random effects each time he tried to use it. The battle was fast and severe and the chaotic magics unleashed caused all sorts of reactions in the world surrounding them. A low rumble shook the earth in the distance and then another much closer and an entire town rose up from beneath the sands just a half-mile away.

When they had dispatched their foes, they moved to investigate the town and found it completely empty save for a few semi-mummified corpses. As night approached, they decided to stay and rest there and set out for the distant bluffs in the morning.



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