Curse of the demon slave's favor

Wrestling in the dark.

Having flung themselves into the Underdark in the wake of the destruction of Silmar, the party managed to rest for some time in peace. Questioning Innith, they discovered that he had been secretly assisting a group of Drow rebels for years by sending supplies down the massive tunnel, but that none had contacted him for some time. After a brief discussion about the best way to proceed, the party moved forward into the dark tunnels. Umlot had an especially difficult time navigating the precariously narrow passages and occasionally slowed down the party as openings had to be widened for him to squeeze through. After a few hours of travel, they came to a cavern that held a slight blue glow and four bodies. The glow was from a peculiar stone in the wall and the bodies were an adventuring party that did not fare well. The bodies were stripped for useful equipment including a strange toy robot that appeared to be mystically animated, a hinged ball of unknown construction and purpose and a roughly drawn map of the cave system that they found themselves in. Before anything further could happen, they were attacked by a Wendigo and quickly put it down.

Using the map as a guide, and mindful of the difficulty of finding resources more than a mile underground, they made for an area that seemed to be indicated as having water of some kind. It was a long, slow march through the tunnels and they discovered that their map was not entirely accurate. A branching tunnel indicated was walled off with finely masoned stone. Deciding against forcing it for now, they continued towards the water source and were ambushed by a group of Dragonborn. Taken prisoner, they were brought before the leader, the self-proclaimed Emperor Torsal of the Arkhosian Empire. Umlot challenged Torsal and the two of them, each with a second, entered a large bowl-like depression that was used as an arena.

Umlot and Corrin engaged the two Dragonborn in a test of strength and skill. First, Umlot simply threw himself at their opponents, knocking them to the ground and the Halfling Corrin snatched the belt from the second and quickly bound his legs with it. Umlot shouted and sang a battle song to Kord as he grappled with Torsal, and Corrin took the opportunity to run up his back and grab Torsal’s head with his legs and, using his momentum, flip the gigantic Dragonborn warrior onto his back. Umlot tried to finish the fight by placing Torsal in a sleeper hold, but the draconic strength of the Emperor was too much and he broke the hold, shoving Umlot back…just as Corrin nimbly stepped forward and yanked down the pants of the mighty Torsal.

With a roaring laughter, Torsal called a halt to the combat and ordered a feast prepared. Before taking his leave of the feast, he introduced the party to his several hundred followers and proclaimed Umlot an honorary Lord of the Empire of Arkhosia.



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