Goliath Runepriest


Umlot grew up in one of the many nomadic Goliath clans that move through the high mountain ranges of the world. Occasionally they would meet up and stay near other Goliath tribes. And somewhat less often they would come across human settlements or cities. Coming across a Dwarven city or tunnel would always be cause for adventure and trade.

Over time as he grew up he developed a small reputation for wrestling prowess in the contests and competitions held at various times of the year. Like other runepriests of his clan, he began learning runes through nature and the discovery of them in the rocks and ground of the mountains. There was little of book learning but much of direct experience with runes that furthered his knowledge.

Eventually as he matured to adult-hood, he became one of the cadre of pathfinders as the clan moved from the mountain to valley to mountain. He would range ahead of the clan, scribing runes of stability and strength into rock faces and dangerous-looking paths to make sure everyone moved safely. He was often climbing and rappelling down mountain-sides to put runes into hard to reach places.

His worship of the storm god Kord brings more runes into his arsenal; runes of lightning and sun and storm. The search for new runes has led him down to the lowlands and into the cities of the world


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